Please download contest instructions here. For the password to the contest, please refer to the instructions document or contact Joshua Grewal ( or


To have the portfolio with the highest worth at the end of the Investment Club’s year.
1 Sr Winner (grades 11-12)
1 Jr Winner (grades 8-10)


$500 to donate to the charity of choice, certificates signed by the Headmaster, and iTunes gift cards of substantial value.


Each virtual portfolio contains $100,000 CAD, and will not be reset in the case of extreme loss. Canadian and United States stock exchanges will be both permitted this year. Only stocks worth $4/share and over will be allowed (no penny stocks). After hours trading will be enabled, to accommodate the student schedule. You may not create more than one account to enter multiple portfolios into the contest. The limitations set are to accurately portray the circumstances of the club’s portfolio. Member must be considered “eligible” (consent form in) in order to qualify for the prizes.