This page is filled with resources compiled by the club’s executives for ease of access. This includes past presentations, media, and any other important/relevant documents. Next to most documents is a description and a button for downloading. All material(s) present on this page are property of the St. George’s School Investment Club, are opinion, and should not be taken as fact. These resources are best used for reference.

If you are interested in running for a position on the executive team for next year, please fill out this form. Please hand all completed forms directly to Mr. Lovell. The deadline to submit your form has been extended, Mr. Lovell will still accept forms this week. All club members are expected to be present this Friday (May 19th) immediately after school for voting.

Consent Form

Attached here is the consent form for Investment Club. This form must be filled out, and signed by all prospective members’ parent(s)/guardian(s) prior to becoming an official member of the club.

IC Member form 2017-18.pdf

Stock Proposal

Teams wishing to propose a buy/sell must fill out the proposal template on the right.


Recommended Reading

Mr. Lovell, Mr. Leith (from Odlum Brown) and Andrew Mo ’17 have compiled a recommended reading list, filled with the most essential titles for investors. They are not mandatory, but are a great source of knowledge and information and will benefit club members greatly if the choice is made to pursue them.


Investment Club Articles in The Saint

Over the years articles about the club were published in The Saint, St. George’s official magazine, and the the Georgian, St. George’s yearbook. The articles from 2014 and 2015 are adjacent.

Fall 2015 The Saint Article

June 2014 The Saint Article

Investment Club The Creed Articles

The Return of Investment Club Alumni Devan Dass

Let the games begin; Investment Club 2015/2016.

Investment Club to Telus Offices Vancouver

Prosperous Start: Investment Club

Investment Club: End-of-Year Recap


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