2017/2018 Executives

Kevin Li ’20

Kevin Li ’20

President | Kevin.Li2020@stgeorges.bc.ca

Elected President for 2019-2020, Kevin sets the agenda, facilitates every meeting, creates presentation materials, and liaises with the school. He is held responsible for the club’s overall well-being, portfolio growth, and public image. Kevin is the first point of contact for guest speakers or general inquiries.

Adam Cader ’20

Adam Cader ’20

Vice-President | Adam.Cader2020@stgeorges.bc.ca

Adam serves as the Vice-President of the club. He coordinates Head Analysts, facilitates meetings, creates presentation materials in collaboration with the President, and acts as the President during an extended leave or absence. Adam is the first point of contact for members with questions or concerns.

Joshua Grewal ’20

Joshua Grewal ’20

Learning Coordinator | Joshua.grewal2020@stgeorges.bc.ca

Joshua has served as the club’s Learning Coordinator and executive for the past two years. He is tasked with overseeing the club elected Portfolio Managers, logistical operations and the popularized annual Stock Market Competition. Joshua is happy to answer any questions or concerns from members.

Thomas Yuan ’20

Thomas Yuan ’20

Technology Director| Thomas.Yuan2020@stgeorges.bc.ca

Thomas Yuan looks after all the technology related issues that occur in the club. He supervises and keeps the website free of errors and develops innovative ways to improve the club using technology.

Robert Lovell

Robert Lovell

Teacher Sponsor | rlovell@stgeorges.bc.ca

As the longtime sponsor teacher of the club, Mr. Lovell serves a vital role as the main source of guidance for the executive team. Mr. Lovell liaises with the school faculty and brokerage, organizes field trips, and helps bring in guest speakers for the club.

Past Executives


President: Davin Liu ’18

Vice President: Kevin Li ’20

Learning Coordinator: Adam Cader ’20


President: Andrew Mo

Vice President: Davin Liu

Learning Coordinator: Kevin Li


President – Ty Zhang ’16

Vice-President – Andrew Mo ’17

Club Director – Jimmy Teng ’16

Portfolio Director – Jack Wang ’16

Technology Director – Bill Lou ’17


President – Oscar Hong ’15

Vice-President – Ty Zhang ’16

Learning Coordinator – Andrew Mo ’17

Technology Director – Bill Lou ’17

Secretary – Roland Huang ’16


President – Rupert Kay

Vice-President – Oscar Hong

Learning Coordinator – Andrew Mo


President – Karman Suyama

Vice-President – Jamil Visram

Learning Coordinator – Oscar Hong


President – Matthew Lau

Vice-President – Ivan Cheung

Learning Coordinator – Han Tong


President – Matthew Lau

Vice-President – Nicholas Chan

Learning Coordinator – Han Tong


President – Jeff Sun

Vice-President – Jae Cha

Secretary – Matthew Lau