Second round of presentations!

Thanks again to the work of the three analyst teams and the active participation of the investment club members we have successfully presented three more proposals.

Attached below are the three powerpoints:

TSE:L Proposal
NYSE:NOC Proposal
TSE:RY Proposal

First round of buy proposals complete!

Thanks to the dedication of the three analyst teams led by Jai Chagani, James Foo, and Felix Hoehne respectively, we have finished our first round of proposals. These presentations have been incredibly thorough, additionally, it is great to see the entire analyst teams involved.

Attached below are the three powerpoints:

NYSE:MMM Proposal
NYSE:V Proposal
NYSE:WMT Proposal

Gildan Activewear Proposal (Consumer Retail Team)

Proposal #4- presented by Mike Zhang and the Consumer Retail Team to buy Gildan Activewear. Thanks for doing a fabulous job! Presentation: Gildan-Activewear.pptx

RBC Proposal (Financial Institutions Team)

Thanks to Wesley Graham and the Financials team for presenting a proposal to buy shares of RBC. Presentation: RBC_Proposal.pptx

Artis Real Estate Investment Trust Proposal (Health and Real Estate Team)

Congratulations to Felix Hohne the Health and Real Estate Team for initiating the first transaction of the year. Presentation: Artis_Real_Estate_Investment_Trust.pptx

Suncor Energy Proposal (Industrials Team)

Thank you to Davin Liu and the industrials team for doing an outstanding job! Here is the link to their presentation: Suncor_Presentation_2016.pptx

AVO.TO Presentation (Tech, Media, Telecommunications Team)

The final stock proposal from the Tech, Media, and Telecommunications Team. AVO.TO Proposal (Tech)

TD Presentation (Finance Team)

Applauds to the Finance Team for our first “sell” proposal of the year! TD Proposal (Finance)

Cameco Presentation (Natural Resources Team)

Thanks to the Natural Resources Team for a well thought out presentation: Cameco Proposal (Natural Resources)

ATD.B Presentation (Consumer Retail Team)

Congratulations to the Consumer Retail Team for the first stock proposal of the year.

Here is the presentation: ATD.B Proposal (Consumer Retail)