The Analyst Team system (previously the Intramural) was founded by Rupert Kay, former president of SGS Investment Club, in 2013/14 as a way to promote inter-club competition and further provide leadership opportunities within the club. As well, the Intramural was a way of providing senior members of the club with a platform to assist junior members with the process of researching a company, analyzing its potential, and presenting their findings to the rest of the club. Originally, the Intramural was based off a points system and rewards were given to the team with the highest number of points at the end of the year. The new and revised Analyst Team system now provides a structure for members to produce industry-specific stock proposals, resulting in a more diversified and robust stock portfolio.


The Analyst Teams are based upon six industry sectors, each giving members an opportunity to pursue their interest in a specific field. Members play the role of analysts and thoroughly research stocks in their sector before selecting one and presenting to the club as a whole. All stock decisions are made with the approval of the club as a whole through voting, the Portfolio Director, the President, and the Teacher Sponsor.

Consumer Retail, Real Estate & Health (Loblaws, Amazon, RioCan, Amgen)
Financial Institutions, Tech & Telecom (CIBC, Wells Fargo, Rogers, Verizon)
Natural Resources & Industrials (Cameco, Canfor, Teck Resources, Petro Canada, Suncor Energy)

At the start of each year, committed members of the club are selected through an application – based process to be Head Analysts and are knowledgeable and experienced students who are eager to guide new members through Analyst Team procedure. Club members are expected to maintain communications with their respective Head Analysts and conduct research into their industry whilst Head Analysts are expected to serve as role models and guide the decision making process.


Club members will be expected to not only closely follow the stock they have chosen for the real-cash portfolio, but also coordinate with their team captains in creating a persuasive presentation for the entire club. A successful proposal should clearly define the risks and opportunities, delve into company leadership, conduct a general overview of company financials, and take a critical look at news items and possible catalysts. Private voting then occurs and all decisions are made on a democratic basis through the online platform Helios voting. Voting is completely anonymous and results are usually tabulated within two weeks Only members that have attended the proposal and are eligible members may vote.